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Have you ever been inside a Habitat home? Check out our virtual tour to take a walkthrough, visit here.

Habitat Home Features

Energy Saving Features:
• Every home is Energy Star certified
• Insulated fiberglass exterior doors
• Low-E double panel windows
• 16 SEER HVAC system with programmable thermostat and fresh air intake damper
• Mastic sealed ductwork
• R-30 fiberglass insulation over living spaces and garage
• R-11 frame wall insulation
• R-4.1 insulation on concrete exterior walls
• Microwave vented to the outside
• Water sense faucets and shower

Visitability: a measure of a place’s ease of access for people with disabilities. All Habitat homes have visitability components, regardless if the future homeowners have special needs or not.
Visitability Features:
• Elongated ADA height toilets in all bathrooms
• A barrier-free visitable route
• At least one zero-step entrance
• All exterior and Interior doors for usable spaces are 3 feet wide
• All Hallways are 40 inches wide
• All doors have lever handles door locks
• All bathrooms have grab bar blocking for future use

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