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Financial Literacy Modules

welcome to the “mind your financial” financial literacy modules

As you know, there is more to the Habitat program than just meeting requirements. You have to become loan-ready! As a supplement to the Budgeting classes, the following information will help you learn even more about taking control of your finances!

Module 1

designing your spending plan

A workable budget begins with a clear understanding of what you spend and where you spend it. To create a workable budget, you must first design a spending plan. A spending plan will allow you to develop an understanding of how you spend your money.

Module 2

Financial Pitfalls & Attitudes

Many good people with great intentions have ruined their credit histories by co-signing for irresponsible people. Don’t become one of them. Protect your reputation by keeping your credit to yourself.

Module 3

Understanding Insurance

There are many different kinds of insurance including car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and renter’s insurance. There’s also insurance for many common products like cell phone insurance, computer insurance and insurance for major appliances.

Module 4

Developing a Savings Strategy

The total amount you earn each week or month may not change drastically, but what you can change is how you allocate or use the money. With careful planning, you can end up with extra money each month. This “found” money can be used to pay more on current bills or to start savings.

Module 5

Understanding Credit And Debt

A credit score is like a “grade” on your creditworthiness. The higher the score, the better. So what makes up a credit score?

Module 6

Saving for the Future

Imagine living rent and mortgage-free? By paying off your mortgage over 15 or 30 years, you will give yourself the best possible gift for retirement: living without a hefty rent or mortgage payment. A home can offer tremendous financial security and for most people it is their biggest asset.

Module 7