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“I want our future children and each generation after to have a secure place to live. Owning a home will never expire.” 

Jean, an Elevator Mechanic and Construction Worker, and his wife Sarah, are working towards their forever home. The couple, originally from Puerto Rico and the Phillippines, have a large extended family that they love to spend time with when they can.

Jean and Sarah previously lived in his mother’s crowded 3-bedroom apartment with seven of his family members. “We all lived very crammed in that small apartment. I slept in my mother’s room with Sarah, and we were there for almost a year. I was trying my best to save up money so that I could buy a home.” After a few moves between crowded family homes, Jean and Sarah rented an apartment, and Jean got a new job with a reasonable wage. Due to a disability, Sarah is not able to work, therefore Jean has to uphold the bills and rent. “I know that if I have a home I can pay for, I wont be forced to pay monthly rent forever. It is the smarter economical choice, and we will have more money for our family.”

“Our journey has not been easy, but it has all been worth it and I hope we can build a great future together. When we were accepted into the Habitat program, my first thought was that God is looking after me. Being patient is key because it took a long time and many attempts to get accepted, but we did it.”

When they move into their new Habitat home, Jean is most excited to walk into a home full of family and friends, celebrating birthdays, and having his first child. He cannot wait to grow his family in his home, and not have to move year after year. “I’ll be able to focus more on creativity and decorate our home. I can’t wait to receive the keys to our home, and to tell my wife ‘we made it.’ We are the first in my family to achieve this, and we will finally be stable. It is a big milestone for me.”

“I hope this opportunity will be a learning experience for us to build friendship and community. Building this home will inspire us to do something we love in life.”

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