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“I imagine coming home every day to our home build by the love and dedication of a great community.”

Michelle, a Certified Medical Assistant, has worked for Baycare for the past three years, and has been in the medical field for over 20 years. She is currently on her journey towards homeownership to give a forever home to her three sons.

Her oldest son, Erick, is now in college and is studying crime and forensics. Her son, Josiah, loves to play basketball, loves music and dancing, and playing video games. Her youngest, Sincere, loves to hang out with his brother, ride his bike, play hide and seek, and watch his favorite show Paw Patrol. Michelle says, “I am a hard-working mother who is always trying to do whats best for my boys. We love to spend time together with movie nights and more.”

The family has been in their current apartment for three years now, and have experienced ongoing issues the entire time. “There are leaks in the living room ceiling when it rains, bad electrical wiring causes breakers to malfunction if multiple things are on, we have termites, and our outdated windows cause a very high electrical bill.” While the boys love to play outside, they currently do not have a proper or safe yard to play in. “All of these things cause concern for my children’s safety and health.”

“When I was accepted into the Habitat program, I was excited and in disbelief. I just imagine coming home every day to our beautiful, safe, and stable home that is built by the love, sweat and dedication of a great community. My home will be our sanctuary where great memories will be made. I will finally be able to feel complete.”

“Don’t wait to do tomorrow, what you can do today. Tomorrow is never promised. These words of self-motivation helped me on this journey.”

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  • Rikki says:

    Blessings to you and the boys. You deserve greatness and every opportunity in the world. Congratulations

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