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“This is a blessing for my family. We are building a better future for our kids.”

Myquesha and Kevin are completing their journey towards homeownership together. Myquesha works as a Special Needs Assistant Teacher and has been with Pinellas County schools for four years now. Kevin has worked for Compulink for two years. The couple has three children, Jordan, Serinity, and Skyla.

The family is very involved in their community through church and after school activities. Their son, Jordan, loves school and is enrolled in the gifted class in only third grade. He loves football and track and field, and is ranked 2nd in the Junior Olympics. Their daughter, Serinity, also loves reading, school, and is in the gifted program in the first grade. She is a cheerleader, and also enjoys track and field. Their youngest daughter, Skyla, loves to sing and dance, and loves to spend time with her older siblings. Myquesha and Kevin are both coaches for their children’s teams. “We love to help and inspire kids, and show kindness to anyone who crosses our path.”

The family of five is currently in a two-bedroom home, which presents many challenges as the kids grow older. “We have made the best of what we can, but as our children grow, this will just not work for us anymore. We want our kids to have a place to call home, and have a room they can go to without being crammed together.”

When the family was accepted into the program, they said, “Thank God and Habitat for helping us have this opportunity. We feel so blessed and excited that we will have our own home.”

“It will add more stability and security to our family. It is a goal every family dreams about, and it will accelerate our lives in the right direction. I cannot wait for everyone to have their own rooms, and to finally have our first dinner in our new home. We are building a better future for our family.”


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  • Bea Dukes says:

    Congratulations to my nephew, my niece and their beautiful family! We are so happy for you and extremely proud of you! Much love, Auntie!

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