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Carlos and Teresa are working towards having a forever home for their two daughters, Ana and Carla. Carlos has worked in the Walmart Bakery for twelve years. His wife, Teresa, has worked for Pinellas County schools for six years . The couple has been together for 30 years, and their main priorities revolve around their family. “I like to do everything with love and pride. Despite any fears I have, I keep going and finish any new challenges,” says Carlos.

Ana Raquel, their oldest daughter, is working to finish school and graduate on time. She would love to work as an EMT or in the medical field, as she loves to give back to others. Their younger daughter, Carla, loves cooking. She enjoys baking cookies, cakes, and more. She is also great at crafts and loves to make bracelets. “I am grateful for all the God has given me. I love being a mother, and having a respectful family that loves God.”

The family of four currently lives in a very small apartment that is now overcrowded. After living in a previous apartment for nine years, the family was forced to move out with one-months notice due to new ownership. “It was very hard to find an affordable apartment that we could be able to pay for. Especially in such a short amount of time. We felt so scared and were nervous we would become homeless. We don’t want to find ourselves in this situation again. We are ready for our own home, where nobody can tell us to leave.”

With the abundance of feelings they had when accepted into the Habitat program, the family says they were mostly, “joyful, thankful, blessed, and full of hope. We felt the reality of having a home. Its a dream come true.”

“With our home, we will feel safer, free, and happy. We can finally invite friends over, and have more space with security, comfort, and affordability. We are very grateful for the Habitat team, and everyone who is supporting us through this program. Home is where the heart is.”


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