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“Working together with our friends and family to build this home is such a wonderful opportunity. Everything we’ve learned is important and will go back into helping others.”

Amanda and Fongsamut, a Press Operator and Homemaker/Herbalist, are working towards their Habitat home so they can raise their son, Khai. “We are a multi-cultural family who loves to spend time together. We are a team, and are looking forward to working together to build our home.”

Their five-year-old son, Khai, loves trucks, maps, and bow ties. Together, the family loves to spend time together outdoors, go on adventures, travel to historic places, and read good books. They are all so excited to be on this journey to homeownership.

In their current house, Amanda and Fongsamut have experienced many issues including moldy vents and walls, and a ceiling that constantly leaks. They also deal with many safety issues that concern them with a five-year-old child. “We are looking forward to clean air and a safe backyard for Khai to play in!” The family has loved the knowledge they are gaining through sweat equity hours, and they have found that it is a great way to spend time as a family. “I am looking forward to learning more about maintaining a home of our own. It takes a lot of work to get there- but I see it as a family team-building exercise.”

“Providing a safe home to grow in, and a backyard for our son to play in is the first thing on our list of blessings. Having a home mortgage that we can afford will help us grow financially, save for our son’s college, give back to our community, and help more families need. I am building because I want to provide my family with a safe home.”

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