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“This process took a lot, but the end is so rewarding. I will be making memories with my loving daughter.”

Amari, a manager at Hoots and previous employee of our long-term supporter Hooters, is coming to the end of the Habitat program and will soon own her own home. “I am a 26-year-old mother and a college graduate from Valdosta State University. Fun fact- I can sing Opera in 6 different languages. I am a hard worker and love to take care of my little princess.”

Amaya, her 2-year-old daughter loves to sing, read, and count. She loves Mickey Mouse and everything about Disney! “Amaya is an adventurous bundle of joy. She is funny, energetic, smart and beautiful. She has a heart condition that will soon need to be repaired, but that has not stopped her one bit.”

The family’s living situation has been a bit rough, and they lack space especially as Amaya grows older. “Amaya and I currently share my queen-sized bed, because we don’t have the extra space for her own. We share a tiny closet, and we are really limited on what we can have because we don’t have the space to store it. We can’t wait to have a place where we can grow together.”

“I immediately cried tears of joy when I found out this company gave me a chance to spread my wings and help build a home that we can call our own. I am still so excited everyday, and I am always spreading the news to others. I am willing to do whatever it takes to build my own, and help others in the process.”

Amari says she is most excited to have space, a big kitchen, and gatherings with families where she can make holiday meals. “I wan to have memories with my loving daughter, and a place we can finally call home. We can make great memories and grow together.”

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