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“This house is going to help me reach my goals. The Habitat program makes me feel comfortable knowing I can afford it and do what I need to do to keep the house maintained.”

Jasmine, A Bank Teller at PNC Bank, is working towards her dream of homeownership. She describes herself as “enthusiastic, passionate, focused, and always trying to learn. I try to look at difficult situations as chances to grow rather than something to be afraid of. I try my best to make decisions in life that reflect the qualities of independence and courage.”

Jasmine currently lives in an overpriced apartment complex, that continues to raise rent throughout the years. “This apartment has sucked all of my money, leaving me with barely anything to save or pay towards other bills. There also is a safety issue, and it makes me nervous to even walk to the mailbox at times. People let their dogs loose, which can be frightening without any owner around.”

After being accepted into the Habitat program, Jasmine says she is ready to get her life on track. “Thank God for this opportunity, I am going to be set for life. I will have a chance to save money and get my credit back in check while living in a house that I own and can invest in.” She is working towards her 350 sweat equity hours, and loves how interesting every class is. “It helps me reach my goals each month, and then more.”

“All I can think about is my future with a Habitat home. It will be so much more affordable, and I will finally have a stable savings account. This is going to give me the foundation for when I start a family, and the security I need. I cant wait to earn this.” Jasmine is so excited to be investing in herself, and never have to put rent money in someone else’s pocket with nothing to show for it. “I am building because I’m helping myself and others achieve their dreams so we can accomplish more in life.”

“I just want to say thank you to everyone who has put their hard work and sweat into not only building my home, but building other family’s homes as well. I appreciate Habitat for giving me this opportunity to show them who I am and what I can do to take care of this home.”

Jasmine’s home was dedicated on August 20th, 2021.

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