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“This will make such an impact on me and my children, because it will be our place that we have built with all the love and support from each other.”
Stacie has worked for the City of Dunedin for 14 years, while being a mother to three amazing children. “I have always wanted to strive for the best, and do the best for my children. When we are all together, it is nothing but crazy, goofy, hangout sessions.”

Stacie’s oldest, Lafayette, loves singing, writing, music, and being with friends. Her middle child, Lennox, loves sports and gaming, and he aims to work for the CIA. Her youngest, Langston, loves to be with his brothers, and likes computer coding activities. “I spend all of my days planning to do things with my children.”

After living in an overcrowded space for some time, Stacie was grateful to move into their current complex four years ago. However, over time they have experienced many major problems with the apartment. She found out that their building is on a sinkhole, which leaves safety concerns for the future. They have a constant struggle with the maintenance, and have had roaches in the apartment caused by surrounding neighbors.

Stacie’s coworkers were the first to hear about her acceptance into the Habitat program, and we’re very happy to support her. “I remember stopping a meeting, and throwing my hands in the air to give them the exciting news. They went to the store after, and bought me a huge cupcake!”

Since then, she has loved the process of working towards her home. “Meeting people who have the same ambition and end goals is amazing. It makes me feel good to work alongside highly dedicated people.”

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I am building because this has been a dream of mine for a long time coming. Habitat for Humanity is the doorway to me finally becoming a homeowner.”

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  • Shirley Saylor-Collins says:

    Congratulations Stacie. So proud of you. May your home be blessed. And praying you and your boys make wonderful memories in your new home. ENJOY your new home. So deserving. Love ya! Cousin Shirley and family

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