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“I am looking forward to learning as much as possible, so when I am a homeowner I can do these things to my own house.”

The Carradero’s are a very loving, tight-knit family. “My daughter and I are super close. It has just been the two of us ever since she was born. If it wasn’t for my daughter I wouldn’t be where I am today,” says Elizabeth.

Isabella loves to read, do puzzles, and go to ballet classes every week. “We enjoy movie and game nights, and every night before going to bed we read a book together.”

“I had my daughter at the age of 14, and it was a very challenging situation,” said Elizabeth. Having her daughter at an early age caused her to grow up fast, and learn important life skills at an early age. Elizabeth is now a food and beverage supervisor at Wawa, where she has worked for three years. She is in the process of earning her 350 sweat equity hours, and learning skills that she can use as a homeowner.

The family is quickly outgrowing their current space, and is ready for this new opportunity. “There is not enough room for my daughter to be able to play and have personal space. I am trying my hardest to provide a safe place for her, but the neighborhood we are in now is not the best. Having a place to live is great, but paying for something that is yours, and will secure your family’s future will be even better.”

“I am imagining cooking in my own kitchen, having birthdays and family gatherings, and Christmas in my new home. It makes my eyes tear up as I imagine the great life we will have. My future will be different, because I will feel secure, and have something of my own. That’s something I never thought I could accomplish.”

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