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“I am building because my children deserve a clean, safe home to call their own.”

Allison, a patient care technician, is the mother of six children. “Five of my six children have different abilities that make them special. My kids are everything to me and continue to blast through labels and limitations their doctors may give them. They are the bravest people I know and fight for everyday they are blessed with. Together we are a big crazy family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Samantha loves to read; she is in the sixth grade but reads at the 12th grade level. Alexis loves arts and crafts, slime and playing with her friends. Evalynn is the best helper at home and at school. Warner loves to swing, go sailing in modified sailboats and is quite the charmer. Victoria, the social butterfly, can make friends with anyone and everyone. Bryson, the youngest, loves running like a superhero and doesn’t let anything slow him down.

The family of seven lives in an expensive second floor, three bedroom apartment that is cramped with medical equipment. The second floor location makes it challenging for Warner; with Allison often having to carry him and the wheelchair upstairs. Pushing the manual wheelchair on carpet is exhausting for Warner, and because of the tiny apartment’s layout, he is unable to use his power wheelchair.

The carpet throughout the space not only makes it difficult for Warner’s mobility, it also traps allergies that Samantha is highly allergic to. Samantha has ideopathic anaphylaxis (fatal allergic shock) and has gone into anaphylactic shock 37 times in 12 years. “The severity she has is unheard of and there is no cure, only treatment of symptoms. Samantha’s quality of life will be greatly improved with our new Habitat home!”

When they were accepted into the program, Allison was shocked. “I just cried and thanked God that my kids would finally have a safe home. The thought of us finally having a space to call our own is just such a huge blessing to my family. I never thought this would be possible.”

“I am most looking forward to watching my kids have freedom and independence. We will finally be in a clean, safe home that we can always come back to.”

The Feeley-Roache family closed on their house in September 2020. Thanks to partnerships with Warrick Dunn Charities, Aaron’s Inc., Cigna, and Denard Span Foundation, Allison and her family have a fully furnished new home, complete with groceries, and wheelchair accessible furniture. Thanks to the Denard Span Foundation, the family also has a new van to safely transport the children and their medical equipment from place to place. You can watch their dedication at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GOI77bJQ2o&t=172s


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