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“I am building because I want to create a home I know will be safe and secure for me and my children.”

Tina Verschatse is a Certified Lead Pawnbroker and a single mother to three daughters. She applied to the Habitat for Humanity homeownership program so that she could provide a safe and secure forever home for her family. Her oldest daughter, Allie, is 18-years-old and enjoys color guards, crystals, music, and the beach. Her middle daughter is named Tara and she is 15-years-old. Tara is very passionate about art and especially loves drawing and taking photos. the youngest daughter is Katie and she is 7-years-old. She loves to color, swim, and ride her scooter. The Verschatse’s area very close-knit family. Tina is working hard to provide for her girls in the best way that she can. “I am raising my girls to work hard in life and be a go getter,” Tina tells us. “Nothing is free and with hard work and the right mindset, you can achieve anything you desire. I also taught my kids to show respect and to be grateful for what they have because life sometimes isn’t fair.”

The family of four is currently facing hardships from the affordable housing crisis that is happening in our community. They currently live in a 2-bedroom apartment because they are unable to afford anything else. The space is crowded and the complex they live in is unsafe. “I’m terrified to let my daughters go outside,” Tina says. Tina also lost her mother within the last year which has also been difficult to deal with. When the family found out that they were accepted into the Habitat program, they experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. “I was excited, grateful, scared, happy, and sad,” Tina says. “I wish my mother were here to share in this blessing with me, but I know she is looking down and proud.”

“Life will be so much better and easy in my Habitat home! No one can say “your rent just went up” or “you cannot renew your lease” – it’s your forever home! That YOU worked so hard for and helped literally build from the ground up. You are building a safe secure and affordable home to come home to every day. My girls and I can actually maybe go on vacation sometimes because now almost my whole paycheck isn’t going to pay someone else’s mortgage.”

Tina has not yet started her sweat equity hours, but is eager to begin volunteering once the summer begins. For anyone who is considering volunteering with Habitat, Tina offers these words of wisdom: “I say just DO IT! Habitat is such an amazing and life changing program for people who never thought they could own their own home! By giving a small amount of your time, you are helping someone’s dream of homeownership come true, so be the light and blessing in someone’s life and volunteer!” For more information about how to volunteer with Habitat, please visit our Volunteer Page on our website.

“My house will be full of love and hospitality and will be warm and inviting.”

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The Verschatse Family home was dedicated on November 15th, 2023.

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