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“Having a home of my own would provide security, control, belonging, a sense of identity, and of course privacy.”

Niesha Henderson is a Medical Support Assistant at Baypines Veterans Affairs and a single mother to her 4-year-old son Jacion who also goes by “Jace”. Jace currently loves Spider-man and anything involving water. “He loves anything to do with going outside and running around. He’s a ball of energy,” his mother says. “My son is the sweetest kid ever. He has a big personality for a four-year-old and he’s so outgoing, silly, and funny.” Niesha describes herself as creative, helpful, determined, and loving.

This small but mighty family of two is currently struggling with what many families in our community are beginning to experience in the current housing crisis: space and affordability. Receiving her acceptance into the Habitat program was a dream come true because she knew that theses challenges would be solved after moving into her forever home. “As soon as Jack told me I was accepted I cried like a baby,” she says. “It was so many emotions hitting me at once: joy, happiness, and most of all, relief.”

“My experience with volunteering for sweat equity has been great so far,” Niesha tells us. “I jumped right in and started my hours. I love to volunteer and I love to mingle with current HOCs.” Applying for the Habitat program was the first step that Niesha took to provide a better life for her and her son. For anyone considering applying to the Habitat Homeownership Program, Niesha offers this advice: “Do it. That’s it. That’s all. Applying is the first step. You got this!”. For more information on how to begin the Habitat Program application, please visit our Apply Page on our website.

“I’m so excited to decorate my home. To have a yard to keep up and maintain. I’m excited to have holidays hosted at my place.”

The Henderson Family home was dedicated on January 16th, 2023.

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