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“I am building because Habitat is giving us an opportunity for a better future.”

Shannon and Kathryn are relieved to be working towards their forever home. “We felt waves of elation, joy, and relief. We realized we had been accepted for a big responsibility and a lot of hard work, but we knew it would be worth it in the end.”

The couple had their daughter, Zoey, in 2015. Zoey loves Disney, princesses, shows like Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol, Magic School Bus, and more, and coloring. Most of all she loves to play with their two cats Twilight and Dusty. “She loves people, and everyone she meets is an instant friend.” Since moving to the Saint Petersburg area, the Spooners have become members of the Central Christian Church, where they are part of a connection group of other couples with young children.

“After a pair of tragedies brought us to live with Kathryn’s family in Saint Petersburg, we found it difficult to both find gainful full-time employment and a safe, affordable place to live.” As a result, the family all shared one bedroom in a rental home with the rest of Kathryn’s family. Kathryn’s mother recently passed away after a long battle with cancer, which forced the family to find a new, unaffordable place to live. Despite the family slowly raising their income, the still live paycheck-to-paycheck that leaves other expenses almost impossible.

“We believe that having a Habitat home will help remove a large point of stress and fear for our future by providing us a place of stability. Zoey is already asking questions about our forever home.”

Shannon is most excited to get on the build site, which he says will “empower him as a homeowner with the experience he gains.” He looks forward to getting hands-on learning in areas of construction, architecture, engineering, and proper tool usage. Kathryn has heavily enjoyed volunteering at the ReStore, and helping others as much as she can.

“My house will be a safe haven and a place of hospitality. It will be a gathering spot for kids. It will be a place for Bible studies and game nights. It will be a place of rest.”

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