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“This is something that I can finally call mine. My house will be my comfort zone, and forever home covered with joy and love.”

Latrivette, who has worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant for fourteen years, is a mother to three and a grandmother to two. Her son loves football, and has goals to join the Navy, while her two daughters work to be good mothers, and have goals to become Registered Nurses. “My family is very close. We laugh, joke, and cry together, and we have a very special bond. I strive to help anyone in need.”

The family used to rent a four-bedroom home, but were told last minute that they could not renew their lease. With nowhere to go, the family was scattered in different houses. “I had two force my two daughters and their children to get their own apartment so they wouldn’t be on the streets. My son and I are in a twobedroom apartment that is in a dirty community. The neighbors throw trash down the stairs, and there are raccoons all over the place.”

Latrivette has loved her time earning sweat equity hours. She has experience with trusses, framing, installing windows, and has enjoyed meeting all of the new people that came with these experiences.

“I will now be paying for something that is mine. I won’t have to deal with landlords, or the rising cost of rent. This will be my kid’s forever home, and something they can look back on, and say that their mom did that. I am looking forward to decorating, and having the comfort of having a home.”

“I know that there is a God, and with good effort and strength I can over overcome any obstacle that stands in my way.”

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