“I am building because I believe this program is what’s best for my family.”

Robin grew up in Pinellas County, always bouncing from one apartment to another, paying money towards a place that would never be home. “I wish I could revisit just one place that we called home and reminisce.” She is now a mother of two and loves her career as a Flight Attendant. Although she says it can be spontaneous at times, she is going into her third year with the company and loves what she does.

Her four-year-old son, Zamir, loves dinosaurs and seeing his classmates at school. He loves playing outside on his bicycle and digging in the dirt. Robin’s daughter, Zoey, loves baby dolls, and takes them everywhere she goes. “She’s the sweetest girl, and she loves to give hugs to her big brother,” says Robin. “I hope to instill in them that anything is possible, to never stop dreaming, and to always set goals for yourself.”

The family lives in a small apartment, where her children share one bedroom. “I grew up sharing a room with my siblings, and I remember how frustrating and hard it was as a child,” says Robin. She is also concerned that the children do not have a safe outdoor area for the children to play. Their only space to play is in the parking lot, where there are always oncoming cars. “I miss having a dining room, and a dinner table to share our day over homemade meals.”

When Robin was accepted into the program, the first person she told was her son who said, “So I get my own room mom?” Robin says that she is excited and fully committed to the journey. “I knew that my dream of owning my own home was finally unraveling.”

Robin is very passionate about how this experience not only helps herself, but others as well. “Volunteering for Habitat means so much, and even the smallest amount of time can make a difference. The feeling of saying that you helped build someone’s home is life changing.”

“With a Habitat home, I imagine my life with more stability and financial freedom. I will own a zero-interest home, and get to see my mortgage payments go towards helping another family. My house will be filled with love and faith. Habitat for Humanity is one of the best things that has happened to me thus far.”

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