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“I am building because I must set the foundation for my children to follow my footsteps.”

Kiera Mitchell is a DAWS Coach and Employment Specialist at the Gulf Coast Jewish Family Services and has been working there for over 6 years. She is a mother to two daughters, Mikeria (age 13) and Zaniyah (age 9), and a son named Ramiere (age 11). The girls love to do makeup, nails, hair, and cheerleading. Ramiere loves flag football and PlayStation. Kiera is a hard working single parent that works to put a smile on her children’s faces. “I live for my children. They are very smart and well behaved, so I try my best to make their dreams come true.”

The family’s previous home arrangements were challenging. “My roof was leaking in the kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, and closet. I would need to run home to put out buckets to catch the water when it rains.” These leaks caused a lot of mold issues in the bathroom where there is no ventilation. Currently, there are four members of their family living in a two bedroom. Now, they are excited to move into their forever home so that they have more space and feel safe, especially in the case of a hurricane.

Kiera’s first thoughts after receiving word that she had been accepted into the Habitat program was that “God heard my cry and it’s a blessing for this opportunity.” She says that her life will be different with a Habitat home because “I never budget and I’m horrible with saving money. This program is teaching me how to prepare for the future with savings and budgeting to own my own home. It will definitely change my life for the better ”

“The sky is the limit. Don’t give up or get discouraged. You can do it!”


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The Mitchell Family Home was dedicated on April 7th, 2022.

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