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“Habitat for Humanity is not a hand out but a hand up to a new and improved life, a fresh start, and having a place to call home.”

April Jack is a Patrol and Probation Specialist at the Florida Department of Corrections who is working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Human Services at St.Petersburg Community College. She has a 6-year-old son named Isaiah who loves music and dancing. “Isaiah is such a bubbly person that another one of his interests would be calling and checking up on his family members sometimes just to say hi,” his mother says. He loves cars, monster trucks, playing outside, and basketball. The two of them love to spend time together by going to the park or throwing the football.

The family has lived at the same apartment since 2016. Over the years, the police department has shown up numerous times to deal with shootings and high speed chases, among other incidents. “The apartment complex and the people that live there are unpredictable. This has been difficult for myself and my son because my son loves to be outside and while living there it is not a safe environment to have him outside. My son is so satisfied if he gets to go outside and by living there he has not had many opportunities to do so.”

Getting the call that she was accepted into the Habitat program was huge for April. “My first thought was I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy and proud of myself for taking the steps to make a change for a better life for my son and I.”

The Jack’s are excited to begin their sweat equity hours. “I expect to learn through Sweat Equity how to stay patient and know that by completing all of my hours and then some that it is going to land me right where I need to be which is an educated new home owner.”

April and her son are so excited to have a front and backyard to hang out and feel safe in. Isaiah has been talking about his new yards ever since they were notified about acceptance into the program! “My son and I are looking forward to getting our house keys and opening the front door. Then we will know this is what we have been working hard for.”

“My son and I are looking at this opportunity as a fresh new start to positive things for us. As my son gets older in the future I am wanting to show him how I achieved my goals and how he can do the same things in life.”

The Jack Family Home was dedicated on Monday, September 27th, 2021 and was sponsored by Pinellas Community Partnerships.

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