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“Habitat for Humanity is a program that helps people that want to help themselves and does everything they can to make your dreams come true.”

Sherri McCammon is a Med Tech and Resident Aide, as well as a single mother to five children. Her family is made up of Tyler (age 18), Cadence (age 17),  Blake (age 10), Kylee (age 8), and Rainey (age 6). She and her family are working towards their forever home so that they can have an affordable living situation with a lot of space for the kids.

Tyler and Blake, the boys of the family, love gaming. Kylee and Rainey love to play pretend with their Barbies. Cadence, the eldest daughter, loves to work and is currently searching for a job. The kids love to help out mom by cooking and cleaning when she is at work.

The McCammon’s found themselves homeless five years ago due to her love for giving to others. However, she was left with nothing and had no support from others after she realized nobody had as a big of a helping heart as her. Their current living situation is also far from normal. “We live in a two bedroom one bath house. I mostly have a bunk mate in my bed cause I only have four beds in the one room.” She has also struggled with leaks and outdated windows in the home.

Sherri was ecstatic when she got the call that she was accepted into the Habitat program. “I couldn’t believe my dreams were coming true! My kids finally having their own space they deserve instead of sharing a room with four other siblings. I thought it was a dream I had to pinch myself!”

“I knew God had me and was gonna get me where I needed to be as long as I never gave up, nor would God.”

Seeing her kids open the doors to their new bedrooms is what Sherri is looking forward to the most. Oh- and being able to add farmhouse decor! “My kids will finally feel secure and have a place to call home! That’s all I’ve ever wanted for my kids! I want them to know their mom does whatever she can to provide for them.”

“Home is where my family is!”

The McCammon Family Home is sponsored by

This family’s home was dedicated on October 22nd, 2021.


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