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“My house will be my forever home.”

Sharonda Johnson is an assistant manager at Pizza Hut and a single mother of three boys: Alan, Samir, and Yannis. Alan likes playing Football and spending time with his friends, while Samir likes music and fast cars. Yannis, the youngest, is only three years old; he loves whatever his brothers love. As a family, the Johnsons enjoy spending time together and going on family trips whenever they can. They go to the park, the beach, and other places where they can have fun.

Sharonda and her three children live with her grandparents and other family members in a small two-bedroom apartment, where the family of four shares a single room. Alan wants to spend more time with his friends but can’t due to their living conditions. They don’t have enough room for Samir’s toy cars, and Yannis often has to sleep in a bed with Sharonda. Her other two boys sleep on folding beds that can only support their current weight. As they get older, those folding beds won’t be enough for them. Despite this, they’ve remained strong. Sharonda tells us, “Even though we are going through these hard times we still find the time to spend with each other…I love my boys and I want the best for them.”

When she was accepted into the Habitat program, Sharonda felt that she’d been given a fresh start. She is looking forward to space and security in her own home, and having a place that her children can always return to, even when they’re all grown up. She is especially excited to become a first-generation homeowner. “[Habitat is] a great program,” Sharonda explains. “It’s challenging, but also very educational.” When asked if she had any words of encouragement for those interested in joining our program, Sharonda had this to say: “I was scared at first, but once I got started with the process I felt confident as I started working with the counselors and talking to my fellow classmates in the program. We encourage each other.” If you wish to apply or refer a friend to the Habitat program, please visit our Apply Page for more information.

“I am building because I have kids that look up to me and I want the best for them.”

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