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“Home is where our roots remain as one.”

Illiam Toro is a Medical Billing Specialist for Florida Pediatric Associates. She lives with her husband, Robert Calderon, and their two daughters, Layla (age 10) and Jolayli (age 8). They enjoy art, music, fishing, playing soccer, and cheering on their favorite football teams, the Buccaneers and the Steelers. As a family, they visit museums, spend time in nature, and provide for the homeless. “We are a very united and loving family,” Illiam tells us. “We believe in God and help anyone who is in need. We communicate and work together to have our dream goals done. We respect and help each other.”

For the Calderon-Toro family, their Habitat home is a dream come true. Amidst financial and medical issues, they’ve held onto their faith in God and a desire to provide a safer environment for their daughters. Illiam describes the news of her family’s acceptance as, “A blessed gift from God. We cry and pray so much for this acceptance and it’s real. A Christmas and birthday gift when we get accepted.”

In their new home, the family is most excited to have their own yard; something Layla and Jolayli have always dreamed of. They are grateful for the volunteers who helped make their dream come true, and encourage anyone else in need to follow in their footsteps and apply: “Always trust your instincts to make your dreams come true…Habitat is for all.” If you are interested in joining the Habitat program, please refer to our Apply Page for more information.

“Habitat for Humanity is a home where love and purpose for a need help others to dream a little bigger.”

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