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“I envision having something that I can honestly say is mine through hard work and perseverance.”

Shontrell Thomas is a home visitor for HIPPY Pinellas and a single mother of two, her daughters Amiya and Shanae. Amiya enjoys gardening, reading, drawing, and shopping. Shanae, meanwhile, is the athlete of the family; she loves all sports, but her favorites are Basketball and Football. Shontrell considers herself a homebody, but she likes to spend time out and about with her daughters, who both love the outdoors. Recently, they’ve taken up fishing!

Shontrell applied for the Habitat program with a desire to provide for her children. She tells us, “I would like to give my children stability and comfort with having a place that they can call home. I also want my children to experience what it means to be a homeowner so that once they are able adults they will have the foundations set for homeownership.” This is a major step forward in life for her, one that she if both excited and anxious for. While learning the process of homeownership, she hopes to teach Amiya and Shanae as well. They’re all in this together.

As a Habitat homeowner, Shontrell is most excited to watch her kids play in the yard, cook meals in her own kitchen, and enjoy solitude in a place she can call her own. She’s also looking forward to helping at the build site, where she expects to learn how to work with others on a regular basis and assist in the building process. She provides this advice for anyone considering volunteering: “Having a helping hand is always needed in the process of life, so joining Habitat will not only provide assistance but also contribute to the quality of life for others.” If you are interested in volunteering, or wish to refer your friends, please visit our Volunteer Page for more information.

“Habitat for Humanity is a positive experience for education and homeownership.”

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