“I am so looking forward to see my son’s face when he sees our house and I’m so excited to start building and creating memories.”

Teresa and her 10-year-old son, Ismael, are working towards their forever home. Teresa is a Radiation Medical Assistant who enjoys spending time with her son, especially on their “Lazy Sundays” where they lay in bed and enjoy each other’s company. Ismael enjoys hanging out with his cousins on the weekends, playing Fortnite, and soccer. His favorite school subject is reading.

The Nazario’s have struggled with living in their overcrowded apartment and the increasing rent prices. “Rent is going higher and now a days a lot of people share apartments. My goal is to give my son his own.”

Teresa was so ecstatic to be accepted into the Habitat program. “When I received that call I almost cried because I tried so hard and prayed for that acceptance call. I was soooo happy!”

“I’m so excited it made this choice. God has been good to us.”

Teresa and Israel are excited for their life to do a full 360 after they enter their new forever home. “That feeling of being a homeowner will be amazing .”

Teresa and her son moved into their new home in September of 2021. Tune into their dedication at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovtI5cmGuIs

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