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“In the Habitat program I will develop the skills that are going to help me become financially stable in order to become a responsible homeowner.”

Jomease Brown works at the Florida Orthopedic Institute and is a single mother to her two daughters: Ja’Niya and Jazelle. Ja’Niya is 16-years old and enjoys fashion and traveling. Her younger sister, Jazelle, is 4-years-old and loves to play with baby dolls, building blocks, and to dance to music. “I love being a mom taking care of my girls,” Jomease says. “We are a very family-oriented family that loves gathering with friends and being outside exploring new things and traveling.”

The Brown Family’s living situation has been a challenge due to the lack of space and neighbor issues. “Our space is currently not suitable for the three of us. We need more space so everyone isn’t on top of one another. I also want to have my own yard so my daughter can enjoy herself without neighbors complaining or being nosy. I want my girls to be comfortable in a space they can call their home.” When Jomease was accepted into the Habitat program, she knew that this dream would soon become a reality. She knew her acceptance meant she was one step closer to her forever home.

Our Habitat for Humanity affiliate is making a further commitment and investment advocating for the advancement of affordable homeownership. If you are interested in learning more about our advocacy efforts, including our new Advocacy Ambassador Program, you can visit our Advocacy Page on our website for more information.

“I am looking forward to making memories in my new home that will last a lifetime.”

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The Brown Family home was dedicated on December 22nd, 2022.

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