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“Hard work truly makes your dreams into reality and I’m building a foundation to show my son what it means to be a homeowner”.

Marita Harris is a single mother and banker who has been dreaming of owning her own home for years. She currently lives with her 12-year-old son, Elijah, at her grandmother’s and mother’s home. As a family, Marita and Elijah love to have fun and enjoy activities like going to theme parks and playing computer games. Elijah is also interested in coding, swimming, and roller skating. While she loves her family, Marita knows they need their own space. “We’ve never had a place to call our own,” she says. “It’s very crowded now, and we are so ready to get our own place.”

When Marita learned that she had been accepted into the Habitat for Humanity program, she was overjoyed. “Thank you God,” she recalls thinking. “I prayed, and I thank God for getting me into the program because he knew I needed this opportunity to finally grow up and do things on my own, becoming the woman I always knew I could be and being the mother I always knew I could be.”

For Marita, owning a home means more than just having her own space. It’s about showing her son that hard work pays off and teaching him what it means to be a homeowner. “I am building a foundation to show my son what it means to be a homeowner,” she explains. “My house will be my peace, my serenity, my comfort place, my YouTube studio, my yoga studio, my dance studio, my son’s engineering training camp, and the home he will grow up in for the rest of his life.” Marita is excited to start new traditions with her son in their new home, like decorating for the holidays and hosting family gatherings.

Marita is grateful to Habitat for Humanity for giving her and her son the opportunity to own their own home. “Habitat is literally changing lives for the better,” she says. “It’s making people understand that there is hope and giving people hope that may not have thought they could see themselves in a home. I appreciate Habitat for doing something like this for young mothers and fathers like myself.”

Our organization and all that we do could not be possible without donations and sponsorships from our community. If you or your business is interested in sponsoring a home such as the Harris Family, please check out our Donate Page for more information on how to get involved.

“In my Habitat home I expect to be more outgoing and more confident in myself and just happy to have my own peace in my own space.”

This home is sponsored by

The Young & Bray Families

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