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“My forever home will be the best thing that has happened to me and my kids.”

Meet Ashley Skelton, a single mother of three children who is on a journey towards homeownership with Habitat for Humanity. Ja’Quis is Ashley’s oldest son at 14-years-old, followed by her middle daughter, 12-year-old Au’Draysha, and finally her youngest son, 9-year-old Roget. Ashley’s children enjoy a variety of activities, including riding bikes, reading, coloring, playing video games, swimming, and basketball. As a family, they enjoy doing many activities, especially going to water parks. Ashley dreams of having a home where her family can enjoy these activities together, without the stress of worrying about their safety or privacy.

Ashley currently resides in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home that has sheltered her family for five years. However, as her children are aging and in need of more space and privacy, Ashley is in search of a stable and safe environment for her family to call home. Ashley states, “Rent and price of living has affected me because I have to work more and have little to no time with my family.”

Living in a neighborhood with a history of homicides and drug activity, Ashley doesn’t let her children go outside much, and they have yet to meet any friends. She yearns for a brighter future for her family, where her kids can play in their yard without fear and meet new friends in a safe environment. “I feel like our Habitat house will be our forever home and a safe place,” Ashley explains. “Having a Habitat home will be a burden off my shoulders; it will be a big part of our life, and it will forever be ours.”

Throughout her journey in the Habitat program, Ashley has found a supportive community. “Habitat has been such a blessing, and the staff is phenomenal,” Ashley shares. “They want to push you to success, and I am so thankful for Habitat.” With the help of Habitat for Humanity, Ashley and her family will soon have a safe, stable, and comfortable home to call their own. “I am looking forward to walking through the door, knowing it’s mine,” Ashley says. “I will be truly happy that each kid will have their own room and space. I am looking forward to building, blessing, and enjoying my new home.”

Volunteers are the heart of Habitat for Humanity.  Their invaluable contributions have enabled us to create a positive and lasting impact in countless communities around Pinellas and West Pasco counties. If you are interested in volunteering on our build sites, at our Restores, or at special events, please visit our Volunteer Page on our website.

“This is going to be our life changer. We are onto a better future because we have a forever home that we can enjoy holidays and make memories in.”

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