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“Habitat for Humanity is a big blessing to many families.”

Miriam Evans is a single mother and grandmother who has been accepted into the Habitat for Humanity program. She currently lives in an overcrowded household with her 30-year-old daughter, Marnesha, and her 2-year-old grandson, Kyng. Miriam describes herself as a devoted mother and child, with Jesus being the main source of her life. She has faced many obstacles in her life, but she credits God for delivering and healing her.

Miriam has always longed for a space that she can call her own, where she can have privacy and alone time. When she heard the news that she was accepted into the Habitat program, she was filled with gratitude and shock. She said, “When you let go and let God, it always turns out right.” She is excited to have her own space where she can build a foundation for her daughter and grandson’s future.

Miriam’s experience with earning sweat equity in the Habitat for Humanity program has been a great adventure for her. She has had the opportunity to work at the Clearwater Restore, where she has met many different customers and assisted them with their needs. Miriam has gained happiness, teamwork skills, and new abilities, and most importantly, she has become part of a family.

By donating your time and energy to Habitat, you can help make a difference in the lives of families like Miriam’s. Whether it’s working at the ReStore, helping with construction, or volunteering at a special event, your efforts can make a tangible impact on the families in our community. For more information on how to get involved, please visit the Volunteer Page on our website.

“I am building because God has blessed me with what he wanted me to have. I can have something to call my own.”

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