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“If you truly want to help someone out, what better way then to help them build their safe place, their home.”

Alexis, a Patient Care Technician at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, is working through the Habitat program to provide a home for her family. “I am ambitious and driven. I’m just trying to make a better life for my kids.”

Her three-year-old son, Marquill, is “a very active, loving boy.” He loves music, playing any type of sports outside, and playing with his cars and trucks. Her one-year-old daughter, Amara, loves her big brother and always wants to be with him. She loves music, dancing, and going outside. The two love to spend time together coloring, and watching their favorite movies. “I call MJ my little engineer, as he loves to figure things out on his own. Amara is my independent dive, and for a one-year-old, she loves to try everything on her own with no help from others.”

“My kids and I are starting new with Habitat for Humanity. We are blessed to be on this journey to our new home.”

The family currently lives in a small home with Alexis’ mother, where they face many difficulties. “As the kids get bigger, space is getting smaller. The house is not kid-friendly, and they are always breaking something or getting into things that they shouldn’t. They need their own space, and so do I. They need somewhere where they can be totally free, and grow into.”

When she got accepted into the Habitat program, Alexis said, “I was shocked and excited, but knew right then that it was time to get to work. I love that we have so many ways to still earn Sweat Equity hours this year, but I am excited to start working on the build sites and learning the ins and outs of building a home.”

“Home is where memories are made. I am most excited about having our friends and family over for the holidays. My house will be my happy place.”

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The Etheridge Family home was dedicated on May 10th, 2022.

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