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“I need to do this for my kids. They will always have a home that their own mom helped build.”

Amanda has worked in Medical Administration for 2 years now to support her three children. As a domestic violence survivor, life was difficult for a period of time, but she now works hard to give her children a great future. “I have always had big dreams, and I have conquered those dreams one by one. However, my biggest dream was buying my own home, and I never knew that I would be doing it by myself. I am so proud of myself.”

“I have come a long way from experiencing homelessness, and overall life struggles. This has made me the stong woman that never looks back. My kids and I always focus on our dreams, and I hope I am living proof for them.”

The family now lives in an apartment, which Amanda says she is grateful for, but is looking for the extra security that a home brings. Their complex has a lot of crime activity, and Amanda is concerned that her children don’t have a space to safely play outside. “We just want our own space to have family and friends over for barbeques and birthday parties. Space to live without disturbing neighbors through thin walls.”

Amanda is now on her journey through the Habitat program, and although she says she is nervous, she says, “hearing different walks of life, and meeting these great families who are now in their homes makes me proud. It’s not easy, but nothing good in life is easy. When it’s all done it is well worth it.”

With a new home, Amanda says, “my anxiety will subside, and I will feel more stable, and not so stressed about my surroundings. I’m most excited about having a yard, painting my walls and decorating the way I want, while knowing my monthly rent will be going towards ownership.”

The Pedigo Family home was sponsored by:

Amanda Pedigo was also selected by Warrick Dunn Charities to received a $5,000 down payment check and $10,000 worth of home furnishings. She was surprised at her home dedication on June 16, 2021 by the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back, Warrick Dunn, himself!


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