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“It means the world to me to have the opportunity to be in this organization. I am building a foundation for myself and my child.” 

While Megan works towards her forever home, she works hard as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) to support herself and her son, Rashawn. “I love to cook and have quality time with my son. We love to spend days at the beach, football games, and being in the comfort of our own home.”

12-year-old Rashawn loves activities such as football, Fortnight, Youtube, and Snapchat. He is very smart and enjoys school work, and loves to enjoy the quietness of their own home.

The family currently lives in a small apartment that lacks space, safety, and comfort. They have to store most of their belongings and Megan’s mother’s house, where they also have to go to do laundry as their space does not have a washer and dryer hook up. Megan wishes they could have an outdoor space to enjoy the beautiful weather our state provides. “With all of the crime activity around our apartment, it prevents my son from wanting to go outside and play.”

When she was accepted into the Habitat program, Megan said, “All I could do was cry. I’ve worked so hard to be a responsible parent, and not have to worry about any handouts. It brings me so much joy that would do not have to keep moving, paying rent, and not being able to make a home what we want it to be. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who is giving me this opportunity.”

Megan is very excited to work on her Sweat Equity hours, and “learn about the opportunities to help others with. I want to get to know other homeowner candidates, and their stories. We all have the ability to change somebody else’s life just by helping them build these homes.”

“I am most excited about being able to decorate my home however we want, while making memories during holidays, birthdays, and so much more between those walls. It brings me comfort to know that we will never have to worry about moving again.  We will have comfort, stability, and a beautiful home.”

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The Brehmer Family home was dedicated on April 27, 2021.

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