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“Habitat for Humanity is where we discover we are all connected, where we experience an extraordinary burst of evolutionary change, and where we all come together to make a positive impact in others peoples lives forever.”

Massimo and Xiomara Durante are hardworking parents who are on their journey towards their family forever home. Xiomara is a stay-at-home mother to 4-year-old Eden and Massimo is a Security Officer for Allied Universal. Little Eden just started Pre-school and he loves interacting with other kids, exploring, reading, and learning new words. His favorite sport is swimming and his favorite foods are french fries and ice-cream.

There are many challenging factors that are effecting the Durante Family’s living situation. They currently live in a one-bed one-bath apartment where roaches have been a major issue for a long time now. They have also been experiencing rent increases and ever since Xiomara lost her job due to the pandemic, it has been a struggle to budget and continue to pay high rent prices. The family also tells us that “In the past 2 years a lot of new people started moving in and we noticed people were doing drugs in the apartment complex. We had felons and a convicted child pedophile move in. We fell very insecure especially with a child.”

The family could not believe their ears when they got the news they were accepted into the Habitat program. “Every step we have made in moving forward with this process has not been easy and it has also been a long wait. We have a busy life with a toddler and home and work. In the past we tried applying for buying a house and multiple times we have been denied. We refuse to give up and knowing that we have the possibility to own our own brand new home was another dream come true.” They are incredibly excited and blessed to give their child a better and brighter future in their brand new home.

The Durante’s are already excited for everyone to attend their home dedication. After moving into their home, they will have the security and confidence over the years that they don’t need to move. “Our home will be safe with stable affordable payments, we will have less struggle and building up a strong financial future.”

For anyone who is interested in volunteering for Habitat, The Durante’s offer these words of encouragement: “If you are thinking about becoming a Habitat Volunteer you will not just be a helping hand, you are helping the community, a family, and you are becoming the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.” For more information on how to get involved and volunteer with our organization, please visit the Volunteer Page on our website.

“We are ready to write a new story with better beings with better opportunities and to be a homeowner proudly.”

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