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“Home is where the heart is and home is what you make it. I plan to make this home everything I have dreamed of.”

Nakita Booth is a Medical Support Assistant at Bay Pines Healthcare System who is on her journey towards homeownership with Habitat for Humanity. She attended Pinellas Technical College where she obtained her CNA, HHA, and PCT and became certified with the State of Florida. She also attended the Ultimate Medical Academy where she received her A.S. in Health and Human Services. She currently lives with her dog, Khloe.

As a young child, Nakita never had the stability of living in a home for a long time. She and her family were constantly moving around for various reasons, which caused a lot of challenges, like moving schools, changing friends, and having a constantly changing environment. Currently, she is living in an apartment that makes it impossible to get anything done when things go wrong. “I have been having issues such as bugs, needing a new refrigerator, and now a soon to be leaking roof. It is very frustrating having to live under these conditions knowing that if you hold rent payment as leverage that the next step is to be evicted for no payment.” Soon, Nakita will be moving into a safe and affordable home where her mortgage payment will be the same every month and that she can feel confident knowing there will be no issues with bugs or broken appliances because the house is brand new.

The first thoughts that Nakita had when she learned she was accepted into the Habitat program were “PRAISE GOD MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED and that help is on the way, to keep praying remain humble and that I am BLESSED.” She is excited to learn a lot about the process of building a home and learning about repairs and maintenance. She is also eager to learn more about being a part of a team, paying attention, and staying focused.

Nakita is most looking forward to the stability that comes with homeownership. She is ready to have something to call her own that she worked hard towards and earned for herself. Gardening is also something she is looking forward to because her grandparents had a garden and she is eager to continue that tradition. Nakita’s future home and garden dream would not be possible without the support of our community. If you are interested in learning more about how to donate or sponsor a home such as the Booth Family, please check out our Donate Page for more information.

“Habitat for Humanity is a great opportunity for homeownership. It is a family a great asset to many lives and communities. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime commitment.”

The Booth Family Home was dedicated on September 20th, 2022.

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