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“Do what you can do to help yourself, then step out on faith because everything does not have to be perfect. Habitat will help you become better than what you already are.”

Desheka Bingham is a CNA at Carrington Place who is working towards safe and affordable family home for her 5-year-old daughter, Caitlyn, and her newborn son, Kannon. Caitlyn is very creative and loves all things art like painting, drawing, and coloring. She and her mother have a very close and loving relationship with one another. They enjoy going to the nail shop, shopping, going out to eat, and playing at the park.

The family of three has a major need for a bigger home. “We are currently in a one bedroom apartment that is small. Although I need something bigger, I also need something affordable that does not require me and my family to be in an unsafe environment. Even though it is small, I keep it clean and comfortable for me and my family until its our time to move on to something better and ours that we can call our own.” Receiving the news that she was accepted into the Habitat program filled Desheka with joy. ” I was thankful that someone saw me as being fit for something good. I finally felt like my goals were moving along and that my prayers were answered.”

The Bingham Family is excited to move into their new forever home and expects their life to be much better. They are excited to have more space to live and to invite family members over for functions. “I am looking forward to my children having their own room and having the extra space. I am also looking forward to being in something new because I have never lived somewhere that was new.” Desheka’s new family home will be custom built and tailored towards her family’s needs.

If you are interested in applying or referring and individual to the Habitat program, please check out our Apply Page for more information on the application process.

“I want a better life for me and my children life now and our future. Creating generational wealth and being able to pass something down to my children.”

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The Bingham Family home was dedicated on May 19th, 2022.

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