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“Habitat for Humanity is a chance for dreams to come true.”

Aaron and Leah Cowan are hardworking parents that are raising two young children and working towards their Habitat forever home. Aaron is employed in the Water Distribution unit for the City of Clearwater Public Utilities and is pursuing a degree in Engineering Technology at St.Pete College. They are raising two young children: their daughter Jaylen who is two and their son Elisha who is one. Jaylen loves Minnie Mouse, soft and snuggly things, and covering everything with stickers. Elisha loves cars, dinosaurs, and dancing to music. The two siblings love to climb on things, play together, and read books! As a family, the Cowan’s love to explore new places, arts and crafts, watching movies, and taking their canoe out on the water.

The family of four currently resides in a two-bedroom apartment that is way out of their budget range. Leah shares “Our challenge has been to find a clean, safe, and affordable home that is large enough to fit our family.” After receiving their acceptance into the Habitat program, the family was excited and felt a huge weight off of their shoulders. “We will have a new home to move into. A home that will be ours. One that we don’t have to rent, but can build generational wealth.”

When asked how the family imagines life to be different after moving into their Habitat home, they replied with “Freedom. Freedom to let our kids play without worrying about their health and safety. Freedom to have financial success. Freedom to know we don’t have to move again. Freedom to live our best lives.” The Cowan’s are looking forward to having a fresh start in their new home where they can invite friends and family over for get-togethers and parties.

Leah offers this advice to anyone who is considering applying to the Habitat program: “Just to try and see if you qualify. Imagine moving into a brand new home that is in your budget, and there’s nothing to fix, like a broken air conditioner. It is worth the time and effort. Plus, you get so much support to guide and encourage you on your way.” To learn more about the Habitat for Humanity program and how to apply, please check out our Apply Page.

“We are building because we want a place for our family to grow and thrive. ”

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The Cowan Family home was dedicated on May 17th, 2022.

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