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“My future will feel way more secure and satisfying knowing we have something we can call our own.”

Evelisse Cruz is an Enrollment Specialist at Envision Healthcare who is raising three daughters all on her own. She is a strong mother to Jalisse (age 17), Cyniah (age 15), and Kassidy (age 11). Jalisse loves art and drawing, Cyniah enjoys cooking and baking, and Kassidy likes to skate and play video games. Evelisse describes her family as “just humbled” and raised her daughters to be understanding and appreciative of minor things, no matter what life throws at them.

Evelisse has gone through many challenges in her life, including experiencing homelessness during her third pregnancy. Her current living situation has been a challenge due to a landlord who does “cheap fixes” and a major mold problem throughout the old home. Additionally, rent prices have continued to increase, including a “$50 increase due to COVID”. However, soon Evelisse and her family will own their own home that will be safe, affordable, and that she worked so hard to achieve.

Getting accepted into the Habitat program made Evelisse feel like she was so close to her dream that she could almost taste it! She is excited to have a large background and a kitchen that is not cramped. Her home will be something of value that she hopes to pass down to her family.

If you or your business is interested in donating to or sponsoring a home for a family such as the Davis’, please check out our Donate Page on our website to learn more about how you can support our program and the families in our community.

“Home will be our nest of joy.”

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