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“Home is where you set the foundation and make it your own.”

Evette Hunter is a Waste Water Collections Technician for the City of St.Petersburg and has been working there for 19 years. She is a single mother to three children and a grandmother to five grandchildren. Her 21-year-old son, De’Terryon, loves video games and playing football and basketball. Her 25-year-old daughter, Mar’Ketta, loves to spend time with her two children. Her granddaughter, Kyndel, is 3-years-old and loves to play games and making TikTok videos. Her 1-year-old grandson, Kaliel, loves to dance and throw any ball that he is able to find. Evette is a hard-working woman who will do anything for her family. Together, the family is loving, caring, funny, and enjoys spending time together.

The large, close-knit family has struggled with their living situation for awhile now. They live in a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom home with Evette’s mother. This tiny house is just simply not enough space for a family of six and leaves everyone waiting in line to use the bathroom. Evette says, “There is not a lot of space to move around in or for the grandchildren to play. Sometimes when my other grandchildren want to come over they can’t because it’s NOT enough space for them. This breaks my heart.”

Receiving her acceptance into the Habitat for Humanity was a dream come true for Evette. She says, “My thoughts were that my prayers had finally been answered. I thought I now have a place I could finally call home and set a foundation for my family. I can live out my dream as a HOMEOWNER.” Evette’s new forever home will allow her family to have enough space to flourish and grow while living in a house that is safe and affordable.

After moving into her home, Evette expects her life to be comfortable and less stressful. “I can wake up in the mornings knowing that this is my home,” she says. She is most excited to have a space to cook in and to invite family over for gatherings. Spending the holidays together under one roof will allow the family to create special memories with one another. Also, having a space that her grandchildren can run around and play is just what the Hunter family needs. A Habitat home like this could not be possible without donations from our community. If you or your business are interested in supporting our cause, please check out our Donation Page for more info on our sponsorship and donation opportunities.

“I want a foundation for my family. Something I can leave them to share. I want to teach them that nothing comes easy, you just have to have patience and faith.”

This home is sponsored by:

2021-2022 Pinellas Annual Women’s Build

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