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“My Habitat house will be a place to call home. A place where we can create wonderful memories.” 

Arneisha, a Personal Banker Members Advocate, is working towards her forever home for her daughter, Mariah.

“My daughter means the world to me. I enjoy being her mother, loving, providing, and protecting her every day. I am a new mother, and I have been enjoying every minute. I look forward to a lifetime in our new home together.”

Currently, Arneisha is living in a small living space where she shares a room with her daughter. Although she is still young, as Mariah grows this will make sharing a small space more difficult. When she was accepted into the program, Arneisha says she was “Excited, and very ready to start!”

“I’m excited to start earning Sweat Equity. I want to learn how to be a great homeowner and be able to fix things around my own home by myself. I can’t wait to learn everything that I haven’t yet.”

Arneisha is most excited about having a home to decorate, have family time, movie nights, and celebrate holidays in. “I want a forever home. Home is where my daughter and I start a new chapter together.”

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