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The construction team is the face of Habitat for Humanity, and who our volunteers and homeowners get to know the best while working on our job sites and through the homeownership program. As we welcome our volunteers and homeowner candidates back on-site in full capacity, we’d like to take an opportunity to introduce and highlight all of the essential members of our team, who take building a home from a dream to a reality. Read below to meet those you will work with on the build sites:


My name is, Bryan Brinkley

Tell us a little about yourself and your responsibilities.

I think of myself as empowering, motivating, and positive person. I like seeing people excel in what they are doing in any aspect and try to help lead them to better themselves. I love Hunting, Fishing, and doing anything active outdoors like trail running, mountain & road biking. I am the Construction Warehouse Manager and we provide most of what you would maybe consider finishing construction materials on all the homes. So… Remember that door handle you use to open your brand new home? Think of us @ the warehouse working behind the scenes to provide all those materials. Welcome Back !!!

How long have you been in your position?

1 year, 7 Months

What is your proudest moment during your time at Habitat?

Being trusted enough by Habitat for Humanity to be given Management responsibilities over all Warehouse operations.

Volunteers are back in full capacity as of July after over a year. What are you most excited about regarding the return of volunteers?

HELP !!! Wow… What a relief to have our most prized asset back helping us on sites and everywhere they are REALLY NEEDED.

Describe your favorite mission moment during your time with Habitat. (For example, a dedication, a volunteer interaction, etc.)

Dansville… During the dedication of 12936 Henry Court and hearing the powerful speakers of what Habitat has done for the whole area, Then getting with the owner and showing her the “NEW” Washer & Dryer that was donated to them. So grateful and So sincere.

Complete this sentence: Home is where…

Home is Where … my mind can be at peace and not worry about anything else than my family

Any additional thoughts/comments you would like to provide?

Thank You to ALL our Supporters & Volunteers. We can’t make what we do happen without any of you. Bless you, All.

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