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“Home is where my family grows together.”

Altamease Caldwell closed on her Habitat Home back in December of 2002, making her our 100th Milestone Homeowner. She has been in her home for over 18 years now and so much has changed in her life for the better. A few of her many accomplishments while living in her forever home include raising her three children on her own, finishing her nursing degree, and becoming a successful registered nurse. Altamease tells us that “Since becoming a Habitat homeowner, I was able to get married and have a great life! I’m so in love with my home! Thank you to Habitat for giving me my home.”

“Habitat for Humanity is amazing! I refer everyone I know to Habitat,” Altamease says. As our first milestone family, the Caldwell’s journey has been very special for the Habitat team. Altamease says “My children were raised in their own home, becoming productive young people in our society.” Watching the family grow and live successful lives really embodies the Habitat mission and everyone is so proud of what the they have accomplished.

Join us for our 700th home dedication for the Sakers Family on August 30th, 2021. Learn more about the event here.

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