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Trinity-Joy and Christian both hit huge milestones this week as they began their start to high school and middle school. They are today’s Back-to-School spotlights!

Trinity-Joy’s favorite subjects are English and writing. She is starting a new AVID class this year and is excited to learn more about the program. She was previously involved with performing arts and is pursuing dance this year as an extracurricular. When she grows up, Trinity-Joy wants to be a realtor and own her own nail salon.

Christian loves math and is excited to join new clubs at his middle school. Some clubs he is interested in are sign language club, chess club, and swimming. When he grows up, Christian wants to be a chiropractor. Wow!

The children’s mother, Artesha, is a Habitat homeowner and she tells us that “Our goal is to remain healthy and safe by following CDC guidelines and both children are aiming for straight A’s Principal’s List!” We believe in Trinity-Joy and Christian and know that they will do amazing at their new schools this year!

When asked why school is important for the family, Artesha responded with “School is extremely important to us because we know that education helps us to grow and develop. My parents did not graduate traditionally so I worked hard to do so and I have instilled the importance of education in my children as well.”

School and a good education is just as important as a safe and stable house to live in. Habitat makes that dream possible for many families in the Pinellas & West Pasco County areas. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about how to apply for the Habitat program, please check out our Apply Page on our website for more information.

“Home is where love is given freely! We are a close knit family!”

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