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Today’s Habitat Back-to-School Spotlights are Michael, Antonio, & Gianna!

This year, the three siblings are completing online school. They enjoy learning about art, music, math, and social studies. The kids are looking forward to sports, summer, and Christmas vacation (Already?! The school year just started!). Outside of school, the boys are involved with football. When they grow up, Michael wants to be an NFL player, Antonio hopes to be a wrestler, and Gianna wishes to be a teacher. Their goals this year are making good grades, being successful, and passing to the next grade.

Their parents, Habitat homeowners Mario and Annamarie, share that “Education is extremely important to our family. School is important so they can grow into well educated grown ups.”

With a safe and stable home comes a good education for children. You can apply now or refer a friend to the Habitat Program by visiting our Apply Page on our website.


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