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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact communities throughout the world, many families within the U.S. are vulnerable to both a health and economic crisis. The longer it goes on, the more this pandemic also becomes a housing emergency.

We are grateful to Congress for their rapid work to provide economic relief for families and businesses, but much more is needed. More than 18 million families in the U.S. pay half or more of their income on housing, leaving little or no margin for lost income or increased health costs. Many of those families are facing additional economic hardship from lost wages or layoffs and are now confronted with impossible choices between trying to pay their rent or mortgage and life’s other essentials.

Now is the time to urge your federal leaders to prioritize resources that promote housing stability and the organizations who serve our communities. Join us in calling on our policymakers to ensure housing stability for low-income families during these uncertain times.

Raise your voice now to tell Congress to act for housing stability.

Your efforts don’t have to stop there! Share the message below on social media:

Join me in calling on #Congress to prioritize protections that provide #Relief4Charities and ensure everyone has a stable place to call home during these uncertain times. Raise your voice: https://habitatforhumanityinternational.salsalabs.org/covid19

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Mike Sutton

President & CEO

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