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Here at Habitat, we understand that these uncertain times can be difficult for everyone. As our staff works remotely for the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing how the Habitat team is staying positive during these changing times. 

Candi, EVP of Programs, is using this time to check in on family, neighbors, and homeowner candidates.

All three of her children, and four grandchildren, are in different areas of the country, so to keep things fun, she loves to send them memes and make them laugh whenever she can. Outside of her family, Candi says, “I made my elderly neighbor a cheesecake and took my dog, Zeus to see her.  She was very happy to have our company, as we were happy that she let us in!”

Candi gives advice for working at home. “I set up my formal dining room as my office.  Quiet, clean, and has a window!  The best advice I can give is to eat breakfast before starting work. Make a pot of tea and grab some fruit for snacking. (Oreos and cheese it’s are not great brain food!)  leave the TV off, do not go to SM unless it is your job to know what’s on there.  And take breaks. If you have a dog, walk him or just take a walk.  Do not call a friend or family member who will keep you talking.  Start and try to stop at the same time every day. Don’t work in your PJ’s. ”

Candi says, “Home is where there is sanctuary. It surrounds you with acceptance, peace, reflections of who you are, and reminders of people you love.”While working from home, Candi is getting some much needed “me” time, which includes taking long baths and reading. “I am reading The Four Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership for the 2nd time!  I am also reading Braving the Wilderness. I usually try to add a fiction book as well,  so I am also slowly reading The Good Guy by Dean Koontz, a book I’ve been reading for 4 months. ” To stay active, she takes her dog for walks, and also does her favorite workout activity- spin. “I love spin- I even have my own spin bike.  Do I love actually riding it? Once I’m all geared up with biker shorts, sports top, and water bottle and climb on that seat, I’m all in.”

“These past couple of weeks have been a true test for people all over the world.  We learned how cruel people can be and yet we also learned the compassion we can show a complete stranger.  My family and I talk often of post-COVID-19.  We hope that people will be more kind, talk to one another more, look for the positives over the negatives, do things right the 1st time, but if that isn’t possible, make the mistake, but learn the lesson well.  Stop thinking of the wrong someone has done to you and focus more on the right you may have done for them—maybe that was the plan all along. We never know why we are placed where we are, but be sure that God puts you exactly where you are supposed to be at exactly the time you’re supposed to be there.”

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