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“The rewards of giving your time, sweat, and love will be forever memories and a priceless feeling of giving.”

“My family and I believe in being of service to others. We do our best to give back as much of our time as possible,” said Jessica, a productive mother to two. Jessica works as a Regulatory Specialist, Receptionist, and back up Phlebotomist, while also taking care of her children, Jazzmin and Jaeden.

Jazzmin and Jaeden both love to spend their time drawing, skating, swimming, fishing, and dancing. The family loves to spend time together as much as they can. “We are a caring, friendly, motivated family who knows what it’s like to have life throw some curveballs at you. We brush off the hard times and keep going.”

The family has been living in a tight space, which brings privacy issues with two growing children. “Being a mother with a teen daughter, and seven-year-old son has its challenges.”

The family is very excited to be moving into their forever home. “This is a great accomplishment for me. My children will have privacy to grow as young teens, and this will be an asset as a young adult. My Habitat home will be a dream come true.” “I am building because I want to be a great example for my children.”

Jessica closed on her home in October 2020. You can watch her home dedication at https://youtu.be/lyEPUjzbO3E.

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