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Here at Habitat, we understand that these uncertain times can be difficult for everyone. As our staff works remotely for the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing how the Habitat team is staying positive during these changing times. 

“Home is where your story starts and continues,” says Todd, our Director of Human Resources at Habitat. Todd has been a huge help to the team during these past few weeks by sending daily resources and inspiration. As we appreciate him, he says, “I am just so appreciative of all our CEO and Executive Team does to support all of our staff.”

Todd gives great advice on how to be successful while working from home. “you need to have a dedicated space to do work.  You have to be away from distractions to be effective.  Another aspect that is extremely important to be successful at working from home is appreciating your employer for allowing you to work from home as opposed to laying you off. When you understand what “could have been” you will be more ready to do all you can to keep the mission going.”

To stay positive himself during this time, he has shared some of his favorite things. His favorite easy and quick snack is Cuban bread, buttered and topped with garlic salt and cheddar cheese, and toasted in the toaster oven. “It’s like a warm hug, so good!” With more time at home, his family has more time to play their favorite games, UNO or Password.

When Todd wants to spend time for himself he says, “I’m a big Trekkie, so when I just want to chill and enjoy something just for me it’s usually a Star Trek binge.” He also loves to use social media to keep up with posts about his Great Niece Jacynia, who is about 1 1/2 years-old.

During this time it is important to not only be kind to yourself, but to others as well. “I frequently do a “pay it forward” in the fast-food drive-thru. I think it would be nice for the person to pull up and hear ‘the customer before you paid your bill.'” Todd has also used this time to stay in touch with close friends. This week he says he called, “my best friend Melissa. I met her while I worked at USF and after 5 years we are more like family than friends. Love her dearly!”

Todd is spending time preparing for the SHRM-CP Exam. “In August I will be taking my certification test to become a Society for Human Resources Management Certified Professional.” Good luck Todd!

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