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Donor Spotlight Shines on Ann Leavine

Ann Leavine had done some volunteering with Habitat years ago in Houston, TX.  There she learned the basics of the program and how it transforms lives. About 4 years ago she was new to St. Petersburg and was looking to get involved in the community. After remodeling a home, Ann donated appliances and cabinets to the Pinellas ReStore. While scrolling through the Habitat website Ann found an event notice about the Hammers and Heels women’s group that is a part of Habitat PWP.  Ann said “It was perfect for me, a chance to meet some women and support a cause I believed in. “

Habitat’s mission and the impact it has on lives of the homeowners and the neighborhoods is compelling and easy to share.  Ann and her friends hosted a reception last year to introduce more women to Hammers and Heels and the Habitat mission. Ann and 2 homeowners spoke about Habitat and how it changes lives in St. Petersburg. Takeytia Walker and Mary Miller, recent Habitat homeowners, shared how the program changed their lives and the lives of their children. More than 75% of the women in attendance that evening joined Hammers and Heels and become supporters of the mission. Ann said, “some of the finest people I know, I’ve met through Habitat.” Ann has met other donors, employees and new homeowners and she feels that Habitat brings out the best in people and our community.  In addition to Hammers and Heels, Ann is a member of the Community Builders Society that makes an annual contribution. In addition to her volunteer time with Habitat PWP she is a regular volunteer at the St. Pete Free Clinic Food Pantry.  Habitat PWP is so pleased that Ann got involved 4 years ago!

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