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Here at Habitat, we understand that these uncertain times can be difficult for everyone. Many are homebound for the upcoming weeks, which leaves a lot of our families facing tough challenges. However, others are making the best of the situation and finding ways to stay positive. We will be sharing updates that our homeowner candidates shared about how their families are staying positive during this time.

  Living on her own gives Angela even more time to do self-care activities. “Spending time with friends, cooking, talking, or just sitting quietly together is refreshing. Investing quality time with my friends and family is my commitment to my wellbeing in 2020,” says Angela. She has taken time recently to bond with a friend’s young daughter, Penelope. She has brought her a chalkboard, books,  and multicultural family doll sets to start off their learning activities.

Since moving to Florida to take care of her grandmother who passed this last year, Angela has enjoyed keeping up with her grandmother’s friends. “I still try to keep in contact and offer help when needed.”

Her best “me” time activity is rest. “I have a tendency to go, go, go. When I have a big project coming up, I schedule rest before and after to avoid burnout.” She also enjoys making one of her favorite quick snacks- a mix of brown sugar, peanut butter, uncooked oats, and butter spread on apple slices. She says this was a recipe she learned from her mother.

Checking up on friends brings a positive light to Angela’s days. “My friend Gina posted: “Sending love to everyone who is trying their best to heal from things they do not discuss.” She say’s that talking about the past has helped her become happier.

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