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We are proud to announce the opening of our new administrative headquarters! This move of administrative staff from the Clearwater ReStore space allows for a new Homeowner Education Center to be built at the location on 49th Street in Clearwater.

The new administrative office are located at 14010 Roosevelt Blvd, Suite 704. It features a dedicated closing room, sponsored by Investors Title & Settlement Services and the Fishman Family Foundation. LivingHR and Create & Co. partnered to sponsor the “LivingHR Collaboration Zone”, a space for big ideas and creativity for the staff. The Tamara DeBose Conference Room honors current Habitat Board Member and Habitat Homeowner of the same name, and was originally dedicated at the previous location in 2016.



“Homeowner education is at the core of the Habitat program”, explains Mike Sutton, president and CEO of the affiliate. “The decision to move the administrative offices was made with our homeowners in mind. The addition of a dedicated education center will enhance our program by providing a first-rate educational experience for our homeowners and our devoted instructors.”

The Homeowner Education Center will be a 21st-century “classroom”. The space will incorporate flexible furniture and space to accommodate a variety of learning activities. Lights and bright colors will establish a fun and inviting environment for learning. Multimedia and technology integration will allow for enhanced experiences as well as adaptability in this ever evolving technological landscape. The entire space will be designed with different types of learners in mind, elevating the impact for all throughout the program. Our anticipated completion date is Fall 2021.

At Habitat, we treat all homeowners with dignity and respect. Building upon this principle and having a desire to curate a more enriched experience, the new Education Center will also feature a Home Design Showroom. The showroom will provide a curated space for homeowners to meet with the Habitat construction team to visualize and discuss various design options for their new home. Homeowners will be able to pick paint colors, see a model mockup of their kitchen cabinets, get hands-on with other materials and view their floor plans. The space will foster enhanced engagement and elevate a homeowner’s experience.

To learn more about the Homeowner Education Center, please contact Stacey Efaw, Major Gift Officer at 727-536-4755 ext. 220 or via email at sefaw@habitatpwp.org.

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