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“This journey with Habitat for Humanity represents a beacon of a hope of a chance to break free from hardships that have weighed us down and embrace a future filled with promise and opportunity.”

Komonek Young has spent 9 years working as an IC Programmer for Kimball Electronic. She is a mother to her 4- year- old son, Kavion. As a family, they find solace in quality time with loved ones, as well as exploring their creative and adventurous sides, whether that is through arts- and- crafts or travel. “My family and I embody a vibrant spirit, finding joy in laughter, spontaneous dancing, and weaving unforgettable moments together.” This tight- knit family shares a fierce ambition that brings them even closer together. “We thrive on friendly competition and share a unified determination to accomplish our goals with efficiency and excellence” Komonek tells us.

Komonek, like many other families, struggled with financial strains inflicted by the growing inflation. This forced them out of their previous home and pushed the mother and son into a 2- bedroom house they shared with 3 others. “This lack of space, particularly in our sleeping arrangement, weighs heavily on us emotionally and physically” Komonek explains. She faced a constant feeling of instability, preventing moments of peace and comfort that everyone should be able to experience. However, despite the challenges they faced, they continued to pursue a better, more hopeful future. Komonek knew that by getting into the Habitat program, she would be granted the capacity to take back their lives. “It would provide us with the sanctuary and space needed to rebuild our lives with dignity and establish a foundation of stability, security, and well- being that has been elusive for far too long.”

Komonek faces a future where she not only has a home, but tools and skills that increased her financial literacy. The power of being able to manage and maintain good finances aids in ensuring a better future for her and her family. She feels the stability provided will give her a strong foundation to grow in the future. “I am excited about having a space where my family can grow and thrive, where we can make lasting memories together.” Komonek emphasizes the hope and empowerment that Habitat has given them, not only transforming her life, but the families involved with the program as well. She encourages people to join the program, explaining “It’s a journey filled with empowerment, community, and the opportunity to build a brighter tomorrow.”

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for the Habitat homeownership program so that you can also have a safe and stable home, please check out our Apply Page for more information on how to get started.

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, and laughter never ends.”

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